Almost Over!

My limited time as a writer of blog posts is nearing its terminus! With only one day left to raise money for the Friends of the Smokies, our partnering nonprofit organization, I figured I would share this blog about all the other bloggers out there who intrigue all us readers with such fascinating stories.

Writing a blog is an easy task, the hard part is getting people to read it and maintain an interest across a variety of topics and times! I’ve seen this as a struggle by trying to keep this blog centered around our main goal, raising money for the Smoky Mountains, while also trying to put together something that would be intriguing to a passerby of this site. I now see a new appreciation for those of you are able to create passionate articles that peak interest every single day!

Anyway, I am looking for some stories now to cap off my time in working with the Smoky mountains. To anyone who has read this blog our any of my previous posts, comment what your favorite Smokies memory is. It can be as simple as a favorite trail you hiked when you were five years old. Whatever it may be, leave a comment and help us spread our memories to anyone who hasn’t yet been able to experience the magic that is Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

My favorite memory comes from a time nearly ten years ago, my first time ever being in the Smoky Mountains. I came with my family and the families of my three best friends. After we had our picnic in one of the great recreational areas of the park, we all went and started walking along the rock in one of the streams. At first it seemed like such a small detail to an otherwise very grand vacation, but as the years have passed and memories have faded, one of the most vivid scenes I carry with me are those four hours we all spent playing around in a creek after a picnic. Please share your memories, we’re very interested in seeing what stands out most to people!

As always, please check out our campaign site and donate to Vols for the Smokies!!


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