Making the most of the Smokies

Hello all! We are in the final week of the time to donate to our campaign to benefit the Friends of the Smokies! As we reach the finish line to our project we hope to finish strong and make this our most productive week yet. This last week will be filled with awesome tidbits about the Smoky Mountains National Park and of course a final update on how much you all have helped us raise for this great cause!

Today I am going to discuss how to make the most out of a day trip up to the Smokies. The most important step in taking advantage of this beautiful area is to make a plan before you go. It’s important to do your research before heading into the park to maximize all e available hiking and exploring time on the trails! Create an itinerary with help from this site, and don’t forget to plan for lunch!

Another important step in maximizing your Smokies experience is to dress for all elements. This may go without saying, but as the elevation increases, the weather becomes much less predictable! The best way to combat all the crazy elements is to be prepared for even the worst of elements. I always come ready with different layers of clothing in my car as well as some waterproof attire just in case the rain pops out of nowhere.

The final step to making the most out of a Smokies adventure is to bring your favorite people! No hike is the same without your best pals or the fun relatives to hang out with. Everyone knows the best part about reaching that summit or waterfall at the end of the trail is taking the ultimate selfie to capture the moment forever! I hope you have enjoyed this blog edition take some time to make the most out of your next trip to the Smokies.

As always, please check out our campaign to help make the Smokies the best they can be!

Vols for the Smokies


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