In conclusion…

Hey y’all!

Unfortunately our campaign for the Smoky Mountains has come to an end. It has been a pleasure keeping you all informed throughout the process and being able to share some interesting tidbits with everyone.

Though we did not reach our ultimate goal in fundraising, we did  manage to raise $215 dollars to go directly to the Friends of the Smokies organization. I would like to thank all eleven of the people who donated and helped our cause. In addition to the donations, we also got over 1,600 views to our campaign website!!! So even though our donations didn’t quite reach what we were hoping or expecting, we did effectively spread the word to people about the organization who may otherwise never have heard about it.

I’m very happy to say our Vols for the Smokies group has created a positive impact for the beautiful national park in our backyard. If any of you decide you want to be a contributor to our cause but missed the donation window, please go and donate to our partnering organization, Friends of the Smokies


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